Thursday, 3 February 2011


Long flight which went ok, although our bums might disagree. We successfully navigated our way across the city to our hostel. First impressions of Bangkok... busy, hot and lots of tuk tuks. Our first day has been great despite lots and lots of walking in boiling heat! Took a water taxi up the river to see the Grand Palace, which was stunning. A series of buildings covered in a mosaic of tiles with plenty of statues and mini temples. Got a view over the city from the golden mountain. Finished our first day (rather sweaty) with a street side meal, a new rather bizzare experience, one we are sure we will become accustomed to.  Looking forward to day 2...


  1. Glad you got there OK! Sounds awesome :) x x P.S. I LOVE your description of 'who we are', pure genius, blates had help with it! Lol x x

  2. Ah you guys!! I'm pleased and jealous you are so lovely and hot! Big love to you and looking forward tothe next update!!

    P.s set up a blog account, just so I can comment and proper follow you guys!!

  3. Ok you two? hope all is still going well. Just to let you know Rick(if you dont already) that Spurs beat Bolton 2.1 at the Lane. A Nico Kranjcar 25yd thunderbolt in the 92nd minute won the game for us. Get in there. Lucy, I hope you are still keeping an eye on him for me. lol tx. l8rs xxx

  4. Hey guys!

    Delighted to hear it's all going well.

    Have you got your visas sorted yet?

    Humungus Hugs & LOVE

    Cat x