Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bangkok continued...

Day 2
As it is Chinese New Year we decided to walk through China town to see if there was anything going on in celebration. There were lanterns and banners over head, and the streets were lined with stalls. Most of the stalls were food stalls, mostly selling unidentifiable things, well to rick and I. The atmosphere was great, it was truely alive with celebration. We crossed the river in the afternoon to the Temple of Dawn. Our stomachs went as we climbed the very steep steps to the top. It was worth it though for the amazing views across the river.

Day 3
We set off early as today we made the long journey across the border into Cambodia. It was a good job we did set out early as, 2 trains, 2 taxis, 2 tuk tuks, a coach, and a motor bike later we arrived at 9pm. Getting the two of us our large bags the small bag and the driver on the motor bike was for me hilarious, for rick (as he was hanging off the back with no where to put his feet) very scary! lol!

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