Tuesday, 25 January 2011



  • Flight to Bangkok 1st February
  • 3 nights in Bangkok
  • Coach from Bangkok into Cambodia via Poipet border crossing on the 5th
  • 2 weeks travelling down through Cambodia
  • Cross into Vietnam around the 19th of February
  • Spend 2 weeks travelling up through Vietnam, hugging the coast line on our way up
  • Cross into laos spending around 2 weeks travelling around the north of laos
  • Cross into the north east of Thailand
  • Overnight train to Bangkok
  • Spend just over a week travelling around the north of Thailand, including places as far north as Chiang Mai
  • Fly out of Bangkok on the 5th April

Departure from Cornwall

We have left work, said some goodbyes and kind of packed our stuff. Well if packing involves shoving everything we own into several bags to repack at lucy's grandparents at the weekend?! We have a chilled out weekend to tie up loose ends and gorge on plenty of food (rick is fearing only rice for the next 3 months!). The nerves are starting to kick in! eek!

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  1. Farm Boy? farm boy? Hes only ever been on a farm twice in his life. Now, village boy would be better. lol.Enjoy it you 2. Daddy xx