Monday, 14 February 2011

Cambodia part 2

Phnom Penh
Manic!!!!!!!!! motor bikes everywhere, although we did say that Hanoi will probably be worse?! Crossing the road is risking your life! lol! there seen to be no traffic laws or any that are respected! We stayed just two nights, visiting the royal palace and dinning very well.

 Cheeky chap in the park
The Grand Palace

It was a welcome sight to see the sea again! rick has been disappointed that there has been more clouds and cooler temperatures than before, but really its quite nice. We are staying in a cool hostel called monkey republic, and the rooms are small bungalows in the leafy yard. The beach just down from the hostel is quite busy with tourists and touts. As a result we decided to hire a moped to go to a quieter beach further away. The beach was lovely and the sea warm and clear. The down side to hiring mopeds is the traffic police, who insist on stopping all tourists (only) and making up rubbish to try and get money! 3 pull overs later and we were slightly annoyed to say the least! Price of beer even cheaper, 15p! Tomorrow heading to an island 2 hours by boat for a couple of days traffic police free!

 Victory Beach
The driver


  1. Please don't get yourselves killed on the road! Can just picture you guys chilling on a moped along the beach. And nice work with the not getting caught by the pooooooooolice proper!

    Enjoy the next two islands :) Miss you x

  2. I love the name of the hostel, monkey republic, that's awesome! Wow and the beer just keeps getting cheaper. Enjoy the bliss of the islands!
    Cat x