Thursday, 19 May 2011

Northern Peru

Spent a day in Lima on the way up to break up the journey. We are not overly big fans of Lima but we got to spend a great day with a couple we met. Arrived in Huaraz early in the morning. We spent the first day sorting out a trek to start the next day.

We booked on to do a four day trek in the Cordillera Blanca, a national park known for the many glacial mountains. The first day we only walked for about three hours as it took six hours to get there in the minibus. On the drive out we passed two glacial lakes, which were bright turquoise. We also got to see many of the snow topped peaks, it was a drive to wet the appetite for what was to come. The first days walk took us through a small mountain village and through a rugged valley. The camp the first night was freezing, it was at 3800m.

 Emerald lakes

 Us at the top of the pass we drove over


 The group

 The valley

The second day was the hardest. We trekked up to 4750, where we passed through a mountain pass. When we came through the pass the views over the glacier and another glacial lake were amazing. A couple of hours trekking down to the second nights camp, which was in the open valley surrounded by glacial mountains, including the one used by paramount pictures (the one with the stars around)! The full moon made the snow peaks glow... beautiful!

 The way up

 The donkeys

 Us at the top of the highest pass (sadly in shadow)

 The view to the right of the pass

Day three was the longest. We trekked up to another, the most remote, glacial lake. It was so peaceful and the colours were stunning. We then walked trough the valley and a variety of different landscapes, to the final nights camp.

 The mountain used by Paramount pictures (imagine it with stars around!)

 The Lake we trekked up to

 In the valley

 In the valley at camp on the last night

On the last day it was just a mornings walk out of the national park, to a small village where we were picked up and taken back to Huaraz. We had had a great four days! The scenery and weather was amazing!

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